Storie e Leggende di Sicilia: 11 (Vento della Storia) (Italian Edition)

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Nielsen, BMCR Mitchell et al. Moscati Castelnuovo N. Nicholson, Aristocracy and Athletics in Archaic and ed. Koenig, reviews by: D. Smith, BMCR Dougherty and L. On tyranny: F. Morgan ed. Greece Austin reviewed by B. Nippel, in R. Schulz ed. Siapkas, Heterological Ethnicity.

Fronda, Stanford University ; J. Hall, in R. On mercenaries: S. Kaplan, in V. Gorman and E. Robinson eds , Rowlands Jr. Graham Oxford ; A. Mastino ed. Mastino, P. Spanu and R. Worthington, BMCR Sardegna antica Rome Written sources provide a sizeable portion of the Of the works dealing with Sicilian geography, coastal information on which the foregoing historical topics are based.

Piloti Uomini e aerei nella Seconda Guerra Mondiale.

It is also worth noting here the important work on the approaches to written sources are quickly shifting from Tunisian littoral by H. Slim et al. Pelling, Literary Texts and the Greek by D. Stone, BMCR On the relationship Historian [London ] , we must round out our archaeolog- between geology and settlement in the Gr and Rom periods, ical arsenal with the following four basic works dealing with there is book by D.

Crouch, the seasoned field-worker, written sources: J. Oxford reviewed by M. Anderson, Journal of Roman Vattuone ed. Prag, BMCR The recent and Roman Historians Bristol ; C. Higbie, The Lindian activity of Mt Etna has doubtless done much to stimulate Chronicle and the Greek Creation of their Past Oxford interest in its history, past, present and future: see T. Pfeiffer, reviews by: V. Bonaccorso et al. Marincola, BMCR Balmuth, D.

Chester and P. Johnston eds , Cultural ellenistica Padua The Mediterranean as a whole Beyond Boston , especially the two papers co-authored has received considerable attention in this reporting period, by D.

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Chester, A. Duncan and J. Horden and N. Of these, we may first note that E. Of the been reprinted original ed. Balot, BMCR On constellations and sailing, in and around Harris ed. Pluciennik, Antiquity 80 Syracuse is investigated by G. Laffi et al. Petropoulos, BMCR Such work on the Mediterranean as a whole is having contribution to them.

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For Euhemerus, see also M. Winiarczyk, an impact too on particular aspects of Mediterranean Euhemeros von Messene Munich reviewed by P. S Italy and Sicily: F. Giarrizzo and E. See also S. Alcock and J. Another relevant impact can be seen in the attention to Cherry eds , Side-by-side Survey: Comparative Regional island history, on which one can turn to H. Stewart, BMCR Fitzpatrick ed. Camassa et reviewed by V. Stoddart, in J. Cherry et al. Worth citing here in passing in W. Osborne, Gnomon 78 [], the chief stimulus on Sicilian fish cuisine.

On the supplying of fresh water for both human attached to fishing nets are studied by P. Lo Cascio SicArch consumption and irrigation in Sicily, there are two articles by xxxii. Several general works on the one of the leading specialists: S. Collin Bouffier, in J. Brun sea and shipping in all their dimensions refer to Sicily in and P. Oliver et al. S Oxford reviews by: C. Purcell, AWE 5 [], overlooked. Also relevant here is J. Krasilnikoff, in K. Wedde, Towards a Hermeneutics of Aegean Ascani et al. Dalby, the suppl. Ward, IJNA 30 well-known writer on anc.

Allotta ed. Andreau and C. Virlouvet eds , London Medas, De rebus nauticis.

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  • Castiglione di Sicilia, The City of Wine.
  • Comedy Oxford Arnaud, Les routes de la agricoltura italiana [Florence ] , is devoted to the PH and navigation antique. Mark, Homeric Seafaring College Station Cantarelli, La primogenitura storica della landings and ports, and the activities in and out of them, see Sicilia alimentare Noceto studies the Sicilian agricul- A. Gallina Zevi and R. Turchetti eds , Le strutture dei porti e tural past in a search for elements to be deployed in future degli approdi antichi Soveria Mannelli ; M.

    Pasquinucci economic and marketing strategies. There is a chapter on wine and T. Weski eds , Close Encounters: Sea- and River-borne and oil in anc. Gibbins and J. Stone wines of Sicily as a whole are discussed by C. Privitera, Vini di anchors, which are often found in shipwreck sites, are ordered Sicilia Catania Sicily is A. Viaggio alle radici della storia mentioned at times in a work on Cl and Hel pastoralism: C.

    Formello The by: E. Mackil, BMCR Derks, The European collection of articles in J. Mediterranean and argues for hunting deer, G. An and Cl worlds and between disciplines. Other collections of overview of linen production is provided by M. Gleba, in C. Cartledge, E. Cohen Alfaro et al. Actas del I Symposium and L. Sicily also features in other The sea and its products have received much attention, as general works synthesizing particular periods of economic part of the Mediterranean-wide perspectives referred to earlier. Gallo Studi Cataudella, reviewed by S. Fantasia, appeared in ; Ancient Greece Edinburgh reviewed by G.

    Bowe, A. On fish, there is an important potted 6. Cologne ; Z. Archibald et al. Bekker- Hellenistic Economies London reviewed by R. Nielsen, in K. Ascani et al. Lo Cascio and D. Rathbone minimalist views of fishing are advanced. Sallares and M. Austin, as well as C. Greece; J. There is also a handy and klassischer Zeit Berlin reviewed by S. Isager, catalogue of ribbed bronze bowls from across the BMCR There is an excellent overview of the Mediterranean in F.

    Sciacca, Patere baccellate in bronzo: history of anc. Fantasia, Quaderni di Storia 57 Myth and religion. Fischer-Hansen, in P. Of the general works with relevance to Flensted-Jensen et al. A on his Sixtieth Birthday, August 20, Copenhagen , refreshing cross-cultural perspective is taken in S. Georgoudi et al. Bodard, BMCR On the Ar Gr papers are devoted to the methods and problems of using trader, and aristocratic connections, see F.

    Raaflaub, in R. Rollinger Syracuse. In a related vein, the limitations of the documentary and C. Ulf eds , Commerce and Monetary Systems in the sources for the study of sanctuaries are focused on in O. An overview of Cazanove and J. Scheid, Sanctuaires et sources. Les sources Aeginetan trade in Italy is provided by S. The relationships between trade and culte Naples The subject of festivals is the richer politics are explored in C. Zaccagnini ed. Motte and C. Gr and Italian worlds. For piracy in the Adriatic, there J.

    Bremer, BMCR There are also studies on the is a book by G. We religious history of regions of the Gr homeland connected also need to mention here two works on slavery: F. Bellen and H. Heinen, Bibliographie zur antiken reviews by: G. Salapata, BMCR Antonaccio, Slaverei Stuttgart reviewed by W. Prent, Cretan Sanctuaries and Cults Leiden reviewed by N. Storey and M. The part played by anc. Greeks is discussed Turning to Sicilian religion per se, E. Zifferero in P. This is Attema et al. Whether or not true, it is important not to dismiss Greek Culture Bergren reviewed by B.

    The theory that ritual dramas Greece itself. In this connection, one could also cite here three occurred in Gr and Italic sanctuaries is proposed by I. Nielsen relevant works: J. Sicilian evidence is considered and Phoenician differences in cult practices. On Herakles: D.

    Barbagli and P. Pruneti, ArchViva xx. Giangiulio and G. Ribichini, M. Rocchi and P. W Sicily ; I. Malkin, in E. Gruen ed. Bernardini and R. Zucca eds , Il in L. Braccesi ed. Mediterraneo di Herakles: studi e ricerche Rome Pirenne-Delforge and E.

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    Ekroth, The Sacrificial Rituals of poetry represented the tyrants as epic kings, while the inscrip- Greek Hero-cults Kernos suppl. Jenson, BMCR On Sichas: G. On monumental offerings made at Delphi, 16, publishes a unique silver fraction of the [S]Ichaninoi of the A. On vol. Zeus: in the same article just cited, G. Manganaro also publishes Perrin and T. Petit eds , Iconographie imperiale, iconographie a Gr silver ring whose iconography is related to Zeus Soter.

    Six works on particular numismatic themes Etienne And A. We can also note a Gr coinage have received two monograph treatments in this volume celebrating the German excavations at Olympia: H. Ann Arbor reviewed by J. Peacock, Cambridge Journal of Johnston and P. Divination Leiden reviewed by A. Boehringer in L. Milano and N. Parise eds , Il Elsner and I. A series of articles on coin metrology was edited Oxford reviewed by L.

    Panoram Italia Toronto Feb/March by Panoram Italia - Issuu

    Nasrallah, BMCR Several heroes and divinities have also been the focus of On money in the Gr world, there is the monograph by A. On Acheloos: E. Mussini, Studi Etruschi Meadows and K. On Aphrodite: A. Lowe, BMCR money in the anc. On Apollo: I. Schachar, Mediterranean Historical Rutter ed. On Demeter and Persephone: A. Phokaian coins in xxiii. Demeter and Persephone are also the W were the subject of a conference published as AA.

    Note in particular the especially the paper on the coinage of Velia by N. Deacy, and Sicilian coinages as a whole. Another conference has BMCR Dillon, Girls and Women in Classical focused on coins in the countryside of anc. Gr overseas Greek Religion London reviewed by K. Cole, Sicily by M. Caccamo Caltabiano and M. Caccamo Caltabiano also has an Osborne, article on bimetallism and bronze coinage in Sicily in F. Goff, Citizen Bacchae. Bussi [eds], La moneta fusa nel mondo antico: Ritual Practice in Ancient Greece Berkeley reviewed quale alternativa alla coniazione?

    Furley, BMCR Bottini ed. Misteri in Grecia e a Roma Rome On Hera: noting a review article by the distinguished numismatist H. Puglisi reviewed by J. Cabrera, P. Questions of copying and identity are She singles out Memphis in Egypt as the main place of their dealt with in two papers in Studies Shefton R. Jones and J. Frey-Kupper and J. Boardman argues against the recent tendency to iconography of coinage: M. Caccamo Caltabiano, D. Puglisi eds , La tradizione iconica come fonte storica. On Cor pottery, which inspired many Sicilian Il ruolo della numismatica negli studi di iconografia Reggio productions, there are up-to-date overviews by M.

    Risser, Calabria reviewed by G.

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    Pemberton and A. Brownlee, in C. Two studies touch in different ways Much scholarly attention has also been paid in this on pan-Sicilianism as reflected in coinage M. Wilson, Studi De Sicily. Kerschner and U. On Ar Ionic pottery, there island is studied in a monograph by B. Carroccio, Dal basileus is the publication of an important Spanish conference: P. Agatocle a Roma. There is considerable food for thought on the mod.

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    On Attic collecting and trading of Gr vases in V. Norskov, Greek Vases pottery, S. Lyons, BMCR This study pottery was the subject of a major conference, the proceedings provides an excellent background for understanding Sicilian of which have appeared in four volumes as F. Giudice and R. Immaginario del diverso, processi di scambio e autorappre- Here we can note the article by M.

    Iconography on a Sicilian contribution to the 18th-Ct debate about the more generally has also been treated in two other relevant Etruscan or Gr origins of painted pottery. The contribution works: E. Mugione, Miti della ceramica attica in Occidente: came from S. Colpo, I. Favaretto and F. Ghedini believed at the time. Scalfani reviews the matter now that the eds , Iconografia Levi and L. Vagnetti, in V. Kilikoglou, A. Hein and while R. Maniatis eds , Modern Trends in Scientific Studies on movement of foodstuffs.

    This work has revealed both direct volume by F.

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    • All these contributions, particularly that of that their relative proportions in overall ceramic assemblages Giudice, contain many details about painters and the distribu- are due to the date, location and status of the find-spot. An up- tions of their wares. Schiappelli, in E.

      Dessales eds , development thereafter. Denoyelle ed. Bacilieri, La Todisco ed. There is a comparative study of period, on Sicilian terracottas, but in what exact ways remains Gnathian and West Slope Ware by A. Alexandropoulou, uncertain, and suggests that this may have come about via Gnathia- und Westabhangkeramik. Eine vergleichende Punic trade through Selinous. Albertocchi, Sculpture and Terracotta. The reception of Ar Ionic Athena Lindia. The influences of the Gr homeland Rome cf. Albertocchi catalogues all the known examples by type and R.

      The distribution of these reporting period: A. Melucco Vaccaro et al. An article on their use in fertility cults. An overview of terracotta these bronzes argues that their torso and limbs were cast from production in the time of Dionysios I and II in another article life, and not modelled in clay beforehand N. Konstam and H. Hel mould-made lamps are discussed by D. In her publication of the piece, E.

      She dates the piece, with its Ar Interest in the Rom Republic continues to grow, thus throwing smile, to the end of the 6th Ct BC and suspects that it is of W by extension attention on anc. For historical overviews, Gr manufacture and, like other such contemporary kouroi, see H.

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      Flower ed. Republic Cambridge reviewed by U. Carra Bonacasa ed. Campagna, votive character. However, when social conditions were right, Ostraka Portale, S. Gelon put the right political conditions in place. Large Angiolillo and C. A comparative diversity of Rom Italy, see N. There has which she attempts to establish a new typology for this class of been a reprinting of the classic work by S.

      Mazzarino, material. Musti tigates whether the subject-matter of a fragmentary play by the Milan original ed. Catania In tion of Italy under the Rom Republic is examined by N. De Ligt, buffonesche della Sicilia orientale e centrale by the late L. Powell terracotte liparesi Rome , which must be read in and K.

      Welch eds , Sextus Pompeius London conjunction with the review of D. Steures BABesch 79 reviewed by J. There are three studies myth on his coins was intended to attach himself and his on kourotrophic statuettes. In the first, S. On Augustus: K. Augustus was responsible for al Rinascimento Turin Salmeri, London ; G. Salmeri, A. Raggi and A. Baroni eds , Colonie romana, 2 vols Rome Beyond the city, in the romane nel mondo greco. Atti del Convegno, Pisa, novembre countryside, we have a general overview by S.

      Dyson, The Minima Epigraphica et Papyrologica suppl. Kiiskinen, Rome On marshes across Rom Italy, see F. Elia, Connections between Sicily and Egypt are explored by G. Soraci, Barbarian invasions are discussed in three volumes: P. On bridges in Sicily, ; G. Maurici and G. Fanelli, SicArch English ed. On rural settlement and structures On On demography, W. Scheidel, Journal of Roman Studies lodging: O.

      Scheidel ed. Bowen, L. Lavan and C. Popular Posts. Jun 26, The long lasting presence of the Forlenza family, fifty years of high-end Italian jewellery. Jun 21, Summer solstice. Visit , Where to go The most famous monuments in Italy. Between History and Hedonism Mar 29, 0 0. Events The days of the Blackbird: the legend Jan 17, 1 0. Stephen in Italy: Cult, Origins and tradition Dec 24, 1 0. Dec 24, 2 0. Jan 25, No place is too far away, especially at the table. Dec 14, Red Court, success Made in Italy. Nov 6, Mitja Sirk of La Subida interview. Nov 30, 0 0. The baroque in Italy Nov 29, 1 0.

      Contemporary figures , Food Meracinque. The tradition of madeinitaly rice through generations Nov 22, 1 0. Jul 17, The Strozzapreti fair in Roccastrada. Jul 4, Florentine steak. Feb 6, Carnival Zeppole. Jan 16, Molise compote. Jan 9, Sfincione. I giorni della mia vita, altri giorni della sua vita e della mia 2 volumi separati. Carlo Botta ed il periodo Giacobino in Piemonte, mostra di iconografia, documenti, manoscritti e libri a stampa. Con copertina di Hugo Pratt ed Enzo Bioli.

      Della Trascrizione, volume I atti soggetti a trascrizione Art. Il Codice Civile Commentario, Della concorrenza sleale artt. Giardini Dipinti, il giardino nella pittura Europea dal Medioevo al primo Novecento. Iconografia storica della provincia di Palermo - Mappe e vedute dal all' Benemeriti , sicurezza ieri oggi sempre- Storie, tradizioni, funzioni e organizzazioni delle polizie in Europa. Tomasi, Santo. Artists contemporary paintings sculptures graphics engravings panoramic art NEW. Teatro morale domenicale festivo vangeli tomo primo edizione seconda veneta Trucco giunta tanquerey compendio di teologia ascetica e mistica costola lisa.

      Rivista i siciliani di Pippo Fava completa numeri in buone discrete e ottim. admin