You Dont Want To See My Crucifix

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Latest News. Francis: I carry crucifix I took from a dead priest.

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Cindy Wooden. A rosary draped over an Argentinian flag CNS. Slice 1. Read more.

Rhina Guidos. Daily Herald : Chad Pecknold.

Francis: I carry crucifix I took from a dead priest | Catholic Herald

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Where was God? Readers of this website probably already know I do not share those skeptical views of faith. But I did, briefly, ask myself other questions. First, I was struck by the story saying the man was devoted to the crucifix.

Is it OK for Christians to Wear a Cross?

While a crucifix is a holy symbol, it is not to be prayed to directly. By praying to an object, as the awkward syntax in the news story presents, the crucifix has itself become an idol. One need only go to the fourth commandment to know praying to the object itself is a sin. One who showed devotion? One who is very religious? How does that prove God is loving, if he would allow such pain?

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Man-made atrocities are the product and consequence of free-will; because we were given free-will, the consequence is the existence of evil in the world, and the possibility of sin. Natural disasters are not the consequence of free-will, of course, but are occurrences we have to manage. We all die. We all are afforded a certain amount of time on Earth.

Francis: I carry crucifix I took from a dead priest

Our end is predetermined. The fact our end will come, and is known by God, does not contradict the idea of free-will because we still choose how to live in the time afforded us. We choose while we can. And we know not the day, nor the hour, when our time will be done.

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So, back to Mr. If we take the news story at face value, that Mr. We do not know if opportunities for charity are at first blurred by pain and what we see as tragedy.

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Do I find it good that this man has lost his leg? No, of course not.