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Jack Frost leads a cadre of mercenaries in Afghanistan to help the natives battle those evil invading commies.

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You see this part is taking place in The timeline of the movie is a jumbled incoherent mess. Just take my word for it. So Jack Frost and his merry band of woefully out of shape weekend warriors have defeated a CGI Russian gunship and are meeting with some local Afghanis that want the soldiers to take into custody this guy they claim to be a demon responsible for murdering many.

One year later, Nat is now leading the band of gung ho mercenaries somewhere in Central America on a mission, the specifics of which are not all that important. Nat has grown his hair long and scraggily, developed a sort of Spidey Sense, and can now move around at superhuman speed.

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He actively does this last part in front of an entire room of people, none of whom find it even the least bit peculiar. Well, completely undead.

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It seems actual physical death is what was needed to fully allow his vampirism to take hold. Jack Frost was not with them since he had already retired and moved to Los Angeles in order to write art books and function as a part-time art thief, I kid you not. Jack is forced to hunt down his undead best friend but as things progress it begins to look it may actually be the other way around.

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Throughout it all, Gary Busey pops up for as some blind government agent type, I think, offering Jack some banal advice. Will the people that blackmailed Gary Busey into appearing in this film give him whatever incriminating evidence they have on him and allow him to move on with life? Oh wait…I cannot discuss what does not exist.

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Usually when you see a movie with acting this pathetic the scenes culminate into hardcore sex. The two leads both only have one acting credit to their names and this is it. If ever there was an argument against not casting your friends in movies then this is it. The guy playing the Jack Frost character just murmurs his way throughout the entire movie. It appears the director forgot to tell him that the people watching the movie might want to hear what he has to say. The guy is so soft spoken you need subtitles to make out his dialogue most of the time. So basically, you have a guy that looks like the love child of Kevin Smith and radio shock jock Mancow but without the charisma or vocal capabilities of either chasing after a vampire that looks like Lt.

Hey, why not? Wait, what plot?

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