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How to Make Money With Options: Using Time Decay

This is because the total value of an option, or the premium paid, can be expressed as:. Where the intrinsic value is equal to the moneyness of the option.


For example, an in-the-money option has intrinsic value while an out-of-the-money option has no intrinsic value. The extrinsic value of an option is the premium an investor pays for the possibility of being able to profit from the price movement of the underlying security.

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At any point in time, the extrinsic value of an option is a function of time to expiration and the volatility of the underlying asset. As the expiration date grows closer, there is more certainty with respect to the underlying security's price at expiration, therefore the effect of theta decreases. Investors that buy options long positions are negatively impacted by theta decay, since there is less uncertainty around the underlying security's price at expiration and less intrinsic value in the option's premium.

Investors that sell options short positions are positively impacted by theta decay since the value of the option goes down over time and it's possible to purchase them back at a lower price, close out their position, and realize a gain. Finally, it should be noted that time decay isn't linear.

The time value of an option with little time left until expiry is less since there's a lower probability of an investor making money by buying the option. As a result, the option's price or premium declines.

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The option with a few months until expiry will have an increased amount of time value and slow time decay since there's a reasonable probability that an option buyer could earn a profit. However, as time passes and the option isn't yet profitable, time decay accelerates, particularly in the last 30 days before expiration. As a result, the option's value declines as the expiry approaches, and more so if it's not yet profitable. Moneyness is the level of profitability of an option as measured by its intrinsic value.

If the option is in-the-money ITM or profitable, it will retain some of its value as the expiration approaches since the profit is already built in and time is less of a factor. The option would have intrinsic value, while time decay would increase at a slower rate. However, time decay and the time value of an option are extremely important for investors to consider because they are key factors in determining the likelihood that the option will be profitable.

Time decay is prevalent with at-the-money ATM options since there's no intrinsic value.

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In other words, the premium for an ATM option mostly consists of time value. If the option is out-of-the-money OTM —or not profitable—time decay increases at a faster rate.

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This acceleration is because as more time passes, the option becomes less and less likely to become in-the-money. The loss of time value happens even if the value of the underlying asset has not changed during the same period.

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Another way to look at options contracts is that they're wasting assets meaning their value declines or depreciates over time. Essentially, investors are buying options that have the greatest probability of making a profit by expiry and how much time is left determines the price investors are willing to pay for the option.

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In short, the more time left until expiry, the slower the time decay while the closer to expiry, the more time decay increases. Time decay's impact on an option's premium helps investors determine whether it's worth pursuing.

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Login Advisor Login Newsletters. What Is Time Decay? Key Takeaways Time decay is the rate of change in value to an option's price as it nears expiration. Depending on whether an option is in-the-money ITM , time decay accelerates in the last month before expiration. The more time left until expiry, the slower the time decay while the closer to expiry, the more time decay increases.

Pros Time decay is slow early in an option's life adding to its value or premium When time decay is slow, investors can sell the option while it still has value Time decay's impact on an option's premium helps investors determine whether it's worth pursuing.